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Arts & Artificial Intelligence

ARTIFICIA is an online platform and a hybrid festival for the promotion of computational creativity. New technologies and, in particular, artificial intelligence are changing the nature of creative processes. The emerging collaborations between humans and machines are the next technological leap in art.

Recent Contents

  • With the recent advances in artificial intelligence and its application on art I asked myself the following questions: Can art be automated? Can neural art be creative per se or is it bounded by human imagination? The genius Dalí, would put a

  • Okcult is one of the audiovisual pieces that belong to the Forai compilation work, an album of 4 songs and 4 videos that was published on Q4 2020. This work arises from questioning the importance of the role of the human-machine

  • Human Brother for soprano and orchestra is a one-movement work based on the composer's text Prayer for the human brother. Explores the relationship between humans and artificial intelligence. The soprano solo plays the role of a "feminine" artificial super-intelligence coming

  • Mark d’Inverno is a researcher and academic at the Department of Computing at Goldsmiths, University of London. He has mostly investigated the role the Artificial Intelligence plays in learning and creativity practices. ¿How creativity, learning, and AI do relate to

  • I am Tenured Scientist at the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (IIIA-CSIC), holding a PhD in Informatics from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). I have conducted my research at IIIA-CSIC and UPC in Spain, at SRI International and Indiana University in the USA, and at the University of Edinburgh in

  • AI and Arts – A Workshop to Unify Arts and Science. Throughout the last years, new methods in artificial intelligence have revolutionized several scientific fields. These developments affect arts twofold. On the one hand, artists discover machine learning as a new







Human creativity is not going to be automated, but the lack of it.



If my art has anything to do with me, then my activism is part of my art.

Ai Weiwei

The goal posts might shift, but you should have a goal. Know what it is you want to find out.

Zaha Hadid

Art and science are ways of appropriating the world, they are forms of knowledge.

Andrei Tarkovsky

Don't let anyone rob you of your imagination, your creativity, or your curiosity.

Mae Jemison

The scientist needs an artistically creative imagination.

Max Planck
<theoretical physicist/>

If you can't give me poetry, can't you give me poetical science.

Ada Lovelace